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See how we crafted our creative solutions. 

Our Process

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The first step to maximizing your business's growth potential is through our discovery phase. By learning about your business' unique challenges, competitive landscape, and growth opportunities - we can accurately develop a plan to help you achieve your goals. The discovery phase is extremely important to the outcome of your marketing journey.

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From our trained and knowledgeable marketing and branding specialists to our unique media mix, we can craft a unique marketing strategy for you. Whether it's one of our 3 local radio stations, On Target News, or our digital marketing solutions; we will come up with the right messaging, branding, schedule, and delivery method for your business!

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The process culminates in the execution of your marketing plan developed by our team. We will use our solutions to deliver your brand's message in a way like never before. Our access to multiple platforms means your messaging stays consistent. And our reach across Southern Middle Tennessee is unmatched. So, you can be confident you're hitting the mark.

Our Solutions

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Broadcast Radio

We are anchored by 3 local broadcast stations whose signals reach an area that has 150k potential listeners in the primary signal area and more than 280k in the secondary listening area. Our stations target both male and female demographics which gives us the ability to better target potential customers by age and sex.

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Digital Marketing

The world of digital marketing is constantly changing. And it can be tough to keep up with the constant demands of your website, social media, listings, reputation management, and more - while also trying to run your businesses day-to-day. That’s why we’re here to help you maintain a relevant digital marketing strategy.

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Our creative team has worked with events both big and small. From promotions and marketing to the ability to host your events online ticketing portal - we have the knowledge needed to help you make the most out of your event! Let's discuss your event's needs and how we can help hit the target!

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No matter where you are in southern middle Tennessee, turn to On-Target News for up-to-date new coverage on local stories. Not only are local stories covered, but news on jobs, realty opportunities, and much more are available for viewing.


Listen to our stations here!

Let’s Hit the Target

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